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My name is Pratik Jain and I am a Product Designer. I am currently pursuing a Masters Degree in Integrated Digital Media at New York University. I have been an independent designer for over the last two years and I do user interface design, web & mobile UX, brand identity, user research and UX critiques. Bobo

I do freelance work in my spare time and I am always looking for collaborators for interesting side projects to work on. Feel free to contact me for a project.

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Uptack 🔍


Discovery on a lot of social platforms is broken or ineffective. People starting out on these platforms leave or stop using them after a short time because they are unable to discover people and content to their liking. I am currently building Uptack, as a side project, to solve this problem. Our aim is to make social platforms more customised, for you to have an enriching experience suited to your needs and interests.

My role is that of founder, UI & UX design, illustration & brand identity for this project.

DJS Racing 🏁

Website: Currenty in redevelopment.

Participated amongst 115 international teams in Formula Student Germany 2014, a student design competition to build a race car for the non professional weekend autocross racer. I was in charge of raising the funds for the project, project management, responsive website of the team and for procuring all the required parts and components.

Metal Alloys India 🔧


From Procurement to Marketing - Metal Alloys (India) is a trading and distribution company of metal commodities, offering customised financial and logistical solutions to the Steel, Aluminium, Metal Foundries and Chemical Industries. Established in 1992, they are one of the largest importers and suppliers of Base Metals, Minor Metals, Ferro Alloys and alloying elements in India.

I was responsible for the design, information architecture and microinteractions of the responsive website.

Citrus Pay 💸

App Store Link: Citrus Wallet

Play Store Link: Citrus Wallet

Citrus Pay is a financial technology and mobile wallet company with over 21 million registered users. They have processed transactions worth $8 billion. Citrus Wallet is one of the simplest, quick money transfer mobile wallet app in the market.

I was a part of their user research team and I conducted surveys and interviews to improve the UX of the mobile application.

Fraga ♀︎♂︎

For my grad class, Ideation and Prototyping, I took part in the Open IDEO challenge with a team of five. The challenge was a project for United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA).

Problem Statement: How might we radically improve access to, and quality of, sexual and reproductive health education and services for young people?

Solution: Fraga is a platform that 14 to 24 year olds can use to chat with experienced specialists and learn through holistic educational material on their own time. We came up with Fraga (which means “question” in Swedish) because people were not getting the answers they needed. This was based on two main insights: Firstly, information is lacking. Young people either trust online information, which is often unreliable, or distrust the information and ended their search with none of their questions answered. An investigation on 177 sexual health websites revealed that 46% of those addressing contraception and 35% of those addressing abortion contained inaccurate information. And secondly, young people often feel too embarrassed to ask intimate questions to older people. Young people have a great need for accurate and relevant health information, especially as they have to cope with their developing bodies and social situations that often stem from that.

Responsibilities: Together, we did a lot of user research and testing that led to the final iterations. Since I was the sole designer on the team, I was responsible for the logo, the wordmark and designing the screens of the app end to end.

Get Scored 🎼

Today, thousands of independent and DIY musicians are in dire need of additional revenue streams, and selling their sheet music and sheet music skills opens up another potential revenue stream. However, going through the traditional publishing route is not always a great option. Artists tend to lose control of their works and receive merely 10% of overall sales, and if you are a small-time artist, signing a publishing deal isn’t even an option for you. In additional, while there are thousands of online sheet music retailers, none embrace a direct-to-fan model, making it extremely difficult for an artist to actually profit off of sheet music sales. Lastly, if a piece of music is currently available, there is no way to request for it.

Get Scored is the solution to these problem because it offers a platform and tools for musicians to create and distribute their art on a level playing field, thus benefiting just as many famous musicians as the ones that will be soon: Write a song, upload it to Get Scored, and start selling to the world—no expensive publishing deal or distribution plan needed. Founded in 2017 by Asia Natasha Smulders, Get Scored is a community-based online platform for selling and requesting sheet music.

I am the lead designer of this project and I am responsible for branding (logo and wordmark), strategy, user research and product design.

Landing Page Mockup

The Artist Store Page UI

A mockup of the Dashboard